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Thank you for listening to our radio broadcast! Pop Music, TOP 40, EDM, 80’s, 90’s, 2K16

We run light and agile –  we have no studios! The station is hosted using new technology in the “cloud”. We use remote control from laptops and computers anywhere we want to be – to make shows and do outside broadcasts with no restraints. It gives us great flexibility, the presenters and DJs do shows and mixes from home/office/clubs!

We can “pop-up” anywhere.

Our team is a mixture of experienced radio industry “old-hands” and energetic new people from club, music and theatre worlds. We have a diverse group, from the hottest DJs, artists, presenters and remixers on the scene today. Our station aims to be the sound of Miami broadcasting to the WORLD. Our research indicates our audience is strongest in the US, followed by the Venezuela, then Italy, Spain & Australia.  We are an “equality” station – everyone is welcome! Our on-trend, “cool” music policy attracts the sort of client who is more likely to go to an clubbing event than most of our competitors. What you hear on Mp3Radio is what is being played in the top Music all over the world!

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Thank you for listening to our radio broadcast!
We have different topics everyday, you can hear us online through our listening page.
Top 40 – EDM – 80’s – 90’s – 2k16

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