Happy Friday Pellahead
Welcome to this week’s round-up.of items that was items of note this week.  Enjoy!
  • With heavy hearts, we start this week with an article on How the Dance Community responded to the Orlando tragedy.  For club goers, this is the day the music stopped.  Our sympathies go out to all those effected.
  • In a recent interview, DJ Funk Flex why software DJ’s can’t touch him (and why Drake is on blast).  Flex is old school and he keeps it old school.
  • A Las Vegas library (yes library) is helping young artist learn the art of DJing in the new Lab at Enterprise.  Awesome use of free space to help the youth learn some skillz.
  • Internet Radio 8tracks is starting a crowd funded Series A round to raise $11M dollars for the crowd-curate streaming service.  Here’s your chance to buy into a music service, if your looking for an investment.
  • Paul van Dyk is making his way back to the stage, slowly after recovering form a stage fall.  We are wishing him a speedy recovery and a grand return to the stage.
  • And lastly, is Live Performance the next revolution in Electronic Music?  Sounds like fans are gravitating that way.  Have a great weekend!