Vita Mia

Alessia Ciccone & Ciccone Bros

Video Ufficiale del singolo Vita Mia

Credits: Alessia Ciccone – Bagno Elena – Atelier Adriana Caruso –… Rogiosi Editore – Ciccone Bros

I progetto AlessiaCiccone&CicconeBros di ElectronicDanceMusic nato a Londra dove hanno vissuto per 12 anni.
Nasce nel 2013 dopo varie esperienze musicali partendo dal rock ad arrivare oggi all’ Electronica.

E’ composto da:
AlessiaCiccone Sax&Voice
NunzioCiccone Voice
DjClaudioCicconeBros Dj&Producer

Nel 2014 esce il brano “I racconti di Ale” deep-house presente nella compilation “Cafe’ do’ Friariell Vol.2” .
passato anche nelle frequenze radiofoniche di radio montecarlo nel programma buddhabar radio montecarlo.
Sono reduci dal successo del marzo 2016 con il brano “Il tango dell’amor”, che ha raggiunto la posizione numero 26 nella Top 100 House New Release di BeatPort. con l etichetta napoletana HouseClubRecords
Oggi 2020 esce il nuovo brano “VitaMia” definito ElectroHouse
in procinto prossimamente di uscire con il nostro primo ep
di electronic dance music Alessia Ciccone&CicconeBros
I tre fratelli Alessia Nunzio e Claudio sono lespressione più lampante di una
musica moderna ed antica al tempo stesso, artisti cresciuti a Napoli con tutte le diversità spirituali e letterarie ,filtrate da esperienze musicali completamente nuove .


Destined for global superstardom, Florlenzia currently based in Panama is a singer, songwriter, model, fashion designer and entrepreneur. Female empowerment is the main theme of her music expressed through joys and realities of love, relationships and sexuality.

“…The message I’d love to convey is one of strong, black female independence. A message that says women regardless of color can do anything they put their minds to…we are capable of loving, being loved and enjoying life! Spirituality plays a huge part in having this type of balance in life and health.”

The new face of Afro Latin Music; Florlenzia was born Florenz Alerte, 1992, in Caracas, Venezuela. She and her siblings began singing at an early age. She attended different churches with her parents and attended various Christian schools and camps.

Florenz dedicated her voice to church services and joined a local youth group at age 9. She auditioned in various dancing and singing competitions. At age 18, she joined an all female group, “Adriel” as mezzo soprano (voice) and lead singer.

She discovered other styles of music and began to study, practice and review the songs of her sisters in harmony; success-
ful pop female artists. Artists including but not limited to Mariah Carey, (“she represents sensuality”), Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Destiny’s Child, Etta James and Christina Aguilera are among the inspiration for who Florlenzia is today. “R & B and Gospel….I love them both…also love non-commercial throw back blues.”

After her time with Adriel she decided to take a new direction in her life and traveled to Panama where her music and style were quickly yet seamlessly embraced. She joined the trio “Douce Harmonie” as lead singer. She became well known in Panama City with the release of (her) song entitled “Necesitó de ti” (Needed you) and years later she participated as a
vocalist on the album of writer Ignacio Salvatierra entitled “Pasión Latina” (Latin Passion). She performed two songs “Notas de amor” and “Embrujos”, available on YouTube.

Florlenzia’s career continues to grow and expand internationally. A LatinX star in the making, she is inspired by the careers of Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion, Beyoncé (“she’s black empowerment”), Etta James, and Stevie Wonder. “…On the pop side, Demi Lovato and Jennifer Lopez…and for gospel, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary & Tamela Mann…”

Releases 2020
Pom Pom Pom (Lyrics & Vocals)
Producer: David Bowes


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