Vita Mia

Alessia Ciccone & Ciccone Bros

Video Ufficiale del singolo Vita Mia

Credits: Alessia Ciccone – Bagno Elena – Atelier Adriana Caruso –… Rogiosi Editore – Ciccone Bros

I progetto AlessiaCiccone&CicconeBros di ElectronicDanceMusic nato a Londra dove hanno vissuto per 12 anni.
Nasce nel 2013 dopo varie esperienze musicali partendo dal rock ad arrivare oggi all’ Electronica.

E’ composto da:
AlessiaCiccone Sax&Voice
NunzioCiccone Voice
DjClaudioCicconeBros Dj&Producer

Nel 2014 esce il brano “I racconti di Ale” deep-house presente nella compilation “Cafe’ do’ Friariell Vol.2” .
passato anche nelle frequenze radiofoniche di radio montecarlo nel programma buddhabar radio montecarlo.
Sono reduci dal successo del marzo 2016 con il brano “Il tango dell’amor”, che ha raggiunto la posizione numero 26 nella Top 100 House New Release di BeatPort. con l etichetta napoletana HouseClubRecords
Oggi 2020 esce il nuovo brano “VitaMia” definito ElectroHouse
in procinto prossimamente di uscire con il nostro primo ep
di electronic dance music Alessia Ciccone&CicconeBros
I tre fratelli Alessia Nunzio e Claudio sono lespressione più lampante di una
musica moderna ed antica al tempo stesso, artisti cresciuti a Napoli con tutte le diversità spirituali e letterarie ,filtrate da esperienze musicali completamente nuove .

Dua Lipa

As if Dua Lipa hadn’t already given us enough this year, she’s back to steal more hearts with an all-new remix edition of her dancefloor-ready Future Nostalgia. If you thought it was full of club bangers in original form, just wait until you hear all the remix reimaginations that are included on Club Future Nostalgia. Helmed by The Blessed Madonna and including contributions from Mark Ronson, Madonna, Missy Elliott, and Gwen Stefani, this album is as much a pop star super album as it is a remix edition. Diving even deeper than before into her house music influences, Dua shows real breadth and depth as a star with excellent instincts and great taste, far beyond her own songwriting and initial collaborators. Throw this on to turn your boredom-killing evening drive into a true solo dance party.

Stream Club Future Nostalgia :

Use Zoom To Host Your Own Virtual Party

Pretty much every DJ has taken up to live streaming (even the ones that said they wouldn’t, we see you) and with that, a lot of questions have come about. A frequent question is what software should I use to broadcast my DJ stream? There are many applications out there and most of them have a niche that makes them great. 

Zoom gives you the capability to create your own virtual room. You can invite patrons to your room and they can engage with you via the integrated chat room. You can have up to 10,000 attendees in your virtual room and even more via Facebook Live and Youtube Streaming, setting you up for some pretty big online stages. Another benefit is that if you are not streaming to Facebook Live or Youtube then you can fearlessly play whatever you want in your virtual room.

PayPal is seamlessly integrated into Zoom which gives you the opportunity to either create a virtual party with a “cover charge” or receive donations in the form of online tips (the latter seems to be the preferred way). Easily set up polls for your participants on which genre the next party should be. If someone misses the show you can make it available for them on demand so people can experience your event at their most convenient time. 

Check out the video below to learn more about Zoom and think outside of the box to make it work for you. Zoom has a free membership that allows up to 40 minutes streaming a day to up to 100 participants. Pro memberships start at $40/month and are dependent on how many participants you want to have access to your event.

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