As Covid-19 spread like wildfire around the world, health workers have become the most essential and crucial group of people dealing with this pandemic.

We believe to fight this virus, our health workers who are the Frontliners will need to be protected and feel comfortable at all times so they could perform their duties at ease.

But the biggest problem facing the hospitals and health institutions are a shortage of proper ‘Personal Protection Equipment’ (P.P.E.) which, if not act upon will lead to more calamities

Thus, we at mp3radio have decided to do our part in this ongoing pandemic by organising another DJ Mixathon Weekend Donation Drive event which will take place on 14, 15 and 16 August 2020. We have spoken to DJ acquaintances from various parts of the world and in Miami and they have agreed to contribute their specialty to the Mixathon Weekend Donation Drive to help raise funds for this event.

All proceeds from this event will go to the making of ‘Ear Savers’ or mask extenders (please see flyer for the picture of what an ear saver is) which will be distributed to as many frontliners as possible. The purpose of ear savers is to provide comfort for the frontliners as they go about performing their duties.

We hope everyone who is reading this will join us on either one of the three days for non-stop DJ live stream shows and donate generously for a good and worthy cause. The Mixathon Weekend DJ schedule will be put up shortly on and also the social medias of the DJs participating so do keep a look out and keep it locked in to

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You can Donate any amount, each donation  will be used for Ear Savers our FrontLine Heroes!

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